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Implantable MEMS Affinity Sensors for Continuous Metabolic Monitoring


Continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) allows timely detection of abnormal glucose levels, and can be accomplished by minimally invasive approaches using subcutaneously implanted devices for assessment of glucose levels in interstitial fluids. Existing CGM systems are mostly based on electrochemical detection of enzyme-catalyzed reactions. Unfortunately, as glucose is irreversibly consumed during detection, electrochemical methods typically lack stability and exhibit large drifts. As a result, electrochemical sensors require frequent calibration and are unsuitable for long-term operations CGM is intended for. To overcome these limitations, we have been developing MEMS CGM sensors that recognize glucose by affinity binding. Based on non-consumptive, equilibrium binding, such affinity sensors are inherently stable, and are well suited to long-term, reliable monitoring of glucose.